Look 10 lbs. Thinner Without Losing a Pound


Remember the Grapefruit Diet? Or the Cabbage Soup Diet? Those are just two of the drastic measures people have used over the years to lose weight and look thinner. The list goes on – and gets weirder, like the Lemonade Diet – but is easy to understand once you think about it. 

The reason people choose drastic (and weird – the Baby Food Diet) options rather than simply eating a healthy, well-balanced diet is because they want to see immediate results, and immediate results keep people motivated. Losing weight in a healthy way can take time. While losing weight by eating nothing but watery, tasteless soup for a week is fast, it’s also a temporary and extremely unhealthy fix..

Crazy fad diets are bad for your health, your organs, your skin, your energy. You name it, they’re bad for it.

They’re also completely unnecessary. There are ways in which you can actually look thinner without losing a pound or subjecting yourself to unhealthy starvation diets.

1. Stop with the soda. We really hope you aren’t still drinking diet sodas, but if you are, know that they cause bloating (and have been linked to weight gain, in spite of what they promise). Also, it’s not just diet soft drinks that can cause bloating. Sparkling water, club soda, or seltzer, whatever you call it, can lead to bloating as well. Yes, it’s better for you than a diet soda – but not if you’re looking to trim your tummy. Drink filtered still water instead.

2. Try tea. Certain teas have been linked to healthier digestion, which means less gas and bloating, and a flatter tummy. Start with green tea in the mornings. Have a cup of mint tea in the afternoon. Settle down at night with a cup of chamomile.

3. Watch your salt intake. One of the worst causes of water retention, eating too much table salt or getting too much sodium in your diet can cause you to look heavier than you are. Your face, fingers, waistline, even your legs and feet can swell from too much salt in a single meal. Experiment with fresh herbs and spices instead of salt. If you have to have a sprinkle, make it sea salt instead, for less sodium per teaspoon than regular table salt.

4. Soak in Epsom salts. Run a nice bath, drop in two cups of Epsom salts, and soak for twenty minutes. The salts draw out excess water and toxins, so you look your best. Plus, the bath helps relax you. Just don’t double up on this one. Epsom baths should only be taken once a week.

5. Take an evening walk. This isn’t your regular workout, so don’t think you have to find time for another trip to the gym. But instead of collapsing on the couch after dinner, lace up your sneakers and take a brisk walk around the block. A ten minute walk helps activate digestion to help reduce gas and bloating.

6. Let your clothes work for you. The right outfit can completely change the way you look. Follow these guidelines for thinnest results:

  • Wear fabric that has some weight to it. Flimsy, flowy materials offer no support and can actually make you look larger than you are. Materials that have their own structure will hold their shape – and yours – better.
  • Don’t hide your figure. Loose-fitting, oversized clothing will make you look larger, not smaller. Opt for fitted outfits that enhance what curves you have, and don’t swallow you whole.
  • Get a bra fitting. Over the years, your breasts change, which means your bra needs will, too. The right bra will make you look great, and thinner, at every age.

7. Stand up straight. All those lectures you got when you were younger about posture can make all the difference now. Standing up straight, head up, shoulders back, and tummy held in will make you look five pounds lighter immediately. Don’t worry if it’s uncomfortable at first. Stick to it, and it will be second nature before long.

With these suggestions, you don’t need crazy, weird diets to look good. You can love the way you look, right now, without losing a pound.

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